Lancashire Hydrogen

Lancashire Hydrogen represents a collaborative venture initiated by Steelite Ujjain Sarvabhowma Enterprises Private Limited and a consortium led by AGS Engg Bahrain, with the participation of Vayulo Services Private Limited. The venture is indicative of a concerted effort to explore and harness the potential of hydrogen technology. Given the involvement of Steelite Ujjain Sarvabhowma Enterprises Private Limited, it’s possible that Lancashire Hydrogen is connected to the steel or manufacturing industry, where hydrogen is increasingly being considered as a clean energy source for various processes.

VK Recruitment Services Private Limited (UK)

VK Recruitment Services Private Limited (UK) is a company operating in the recruitment services sector. As a private limited company based in the United Kingdom, VK Recruitment Services is likely engaged in providing staffing solutions, talent acquisition, and other related services to businesses in various industries. The company’s focus may include identifying and placing suitable candidates for different job roles, contributing to the human resource needs of its clients.

Lancashire Hydrogen is managed and staffed by VK Recruitment Services Private Limited. This indicates that VK Recruitment Services is likely responsible for the recruitment and placement of personnel within Lancashire Hydrogen. The involvement of a recruitment services company suggests that Lancashire Hydrogen is actively building a team or workforce, potentially composed of individuals with specific skills and expertise relevant to the hydrogen industry or related fields. This collaboration underscores the importance of human resources in the successful operation and development of Lancashire Hydrogen’s initiatives.

At VK Recruitment Services Private Limited, our commitment extends beyond recruitment—we actively engage in training candidates and fostering skill development. We take pride in enhancing the capabilities of individuals, preparing them for success in their respective fields. This training initiative serves to align candidates with the specific skills and qualifications required by employers, contributing to their professional growth.

Our efforts are bolstered by the strong support of the consortium, which includes AGS Engg Bahrain and Vayulo Services Private Limited. Notably, AGS Academy offers courses as part of this collaboration, providing valuable educational resources for skill enrichment. AGS Engg Bahrain’s expertise in engineering and the contribution of Vayulo Services, possibly with a focus on renewable energy, further strengthen our commitment to developing well-rounded and skilled professionals.

Together, these partnerships create a comprehensive ecosystem that not only identifies and recruits talent but also actively invests in their continuous learning and development. This approach ensures that candidates trained by VK Recruitment Services Private Limited are equipped with the knowledge and skills necessary to thrive in their chosen fields.


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